LTE Diameter Traffic Calculator

Welcome to the Diametriq LTE Diameter Traffic Calculator. You can use this interactive model to create your own “what if” scenarios by changing several parameter values based on your unique network and subscriber base, such as number of LTE devices, number of active applications, percent prepaid and dormancy. See how only slight changes to some of the values have a dramatic effect on the amount of traffic produced. You can even see the traffic generated for various core network entities like the HSS, PCRF and OCS. Feel free to play with this tool and change the parameter values as you wish.  A report will be generated based on your input showing the amount of signaling traffic at various points in your EPC network.  

Find out how we created this model by downloading the associated whitepaper:  Measuring the Explosion of LTE Signaling Traffic - A Diameter Traffic Model.   You can also request a customized signaling traffic model with additional parameters and a higher degree of precision by clicking the “Request More Information” button to the right.

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Diameter Traffic Calculator™ Screenshot

Diameter traffic calculator

Diameter traffic calculator

We hope that you find this tool to be useful.  Please help us improve the tool by commenting below. Any input relating to the LTE signaling storm is welcomed.