Diameter Developer Focuses On Smart 4G Signaling – Cable 360.net

Newly launched Diametriq, a developer of Diameter signaling control technologies created with executive leadership, engineering and technologies from IntelliNet Technologies, says it will focus on “Smart Signaling” solutions addressing increasing signaling traffic demands of 4G/LTE networks.
Here’s what introductory company literature says: “Diametriq centers on the need to manage and monetize control signal traffic in next generation networks. Control signaling for 4G networks is built around ‘Diameter,’ a protocol that is rapidly replacing SS7 used in older technologies. It has become the de facto signaling standard between gateways, billing systems, subscriber databases and policy controllers.”
It continues, “The use cases continue to grow along with the rapid growth of applications used by smart phones and tablets which have created a surge in control signaling traffic. At the same time, it’s not just about more traffic or bandwidth; data sessions from new smart devices in 4G networks commonly generate up to 20 times the amount of signaling traffic compared to legacy networks, placing tremendous stress on core network components.”
Anjan Ghosal, CEO of IntelliNet Technologies, says he had been contemplating retirement but “the rapidly growing LTE 4G signaling market provided opportunities that I simply could not pass up.” 

Joining Ghosal in the new company is Kumar Ramalingam, head of product development; Chris Knight, who will lead product management; and Dan Wonak, running marketing and operations.
The first offering is Diametriq’s Diameter Routing Engine (DRE) that provides customizable load balancing, roaming and interworking. Key features include the detection and management of congestion, advanced security features and dynamic scalability where server instances can be added without interruption in service.

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