Signaling Challenges for the MVNO

Your MNO partner just moved up to 4G?

Don’t get unplugged! Stay in business with the Diametriq Diameter Routing Engine™

Driving the MVNO business is a full-time activity.

Last of your challenges should be worrying about protocol interface to your MNO partner’s infrastructure.

As MNOs migrate from 3G to 4G LTE, their core network infrastructure evolves into a new avatar: the Control Plane is now built around Diameter, the signaling protocol that governs policy, charging and subscription management. While your MVNO network traditionally speaks SS7 protocols (CAMEL/SOAP/RADIUS/WIN/GSM MAP or other variants), your partners’ Network Elements have now moved to Diameter and its supported interfaces (S6a, S6d, S13, S13′, Gy, Ro and others).

The Result? Your 3G Billing servers are now required to support 3G and 4G Network Elements in the MNO network!

Solution! Plug in DIAMETRIQ’s DRE – Diameter Routing Engine™ which performs all the necessary Inter-working between your current Billing interfaces and your MNO partners 3G / 4G elements!

Diametriq’s DRE provides interworking, load balancing and redundancy and is customizable on the fly! You may decide to bring in additional protocol support as required!
Now you may focus on driving your business. And leave MNO interfacing challenges to DIAMETRIQ!!
Impact of LTE Migration for MVNOs