Diameter Interworking Function

Diametriq’s Diameter Interworking Solution™ – Legacy Interworking

4G networks need to interoperate with 3G networks, but not all operators will migrate to 4G at the same time resulting in a hybrid of 3G and 4G network elements.

The Diameter Interworking System™ serving as a Diameter Interworking Function (IWF) provides an interworking capability for Diameter and SS7 that may be dynamically customized using script or plug-ins. The  Diameter Interworking System supports MAP to/from Diameter (e.g., S6a, S6d, S13, S13’ to GSM MAP and ANSI41 MAP) and CAMEL/WIN to/from Diameter (e.g., Gy, Ro to CAMEL and IS-826 WIN.

Unique Features

Unlike the industry standard MAP/ Diameter specification,  a CAMEL/ WIN specification does not exist today.   Diametriq, in conjunction with a Tier 1 operator, has developed the CAMEL/WIN specification and has added this function to the Diameter Interworking System.  This ensures that pre-paid subscribers will be able to roam between LTE and 3G networks.

The Diameter Interworking System is compatible with any vendor’s Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSC), allowing easy integration with existing core network infrastructure.  It is a cost-effective alternative to upgrading a legacy system or purchasing a new one.

Optionally the Diameter Interworking System can include Diametriq’s unique and powerful Application Selector Function (ASF) that simplifies the integration of third party applications such as “Pre-paid or Post-paid Billing Systems”, “Clearing and Financial Settlement Systems” and “Bill Shock and Churn Systems.”

Legacy Interworking

Use Cases

  • GSM MAP to/from Diameter
  • CAP to/from  Diameter
  • ANSI-41 MAP to/from  Diameter
  • RADIUS to/from  Diameter
  • SOAP to/from  Diameter
  • WIN to/from  Diameter

Standardized Functions

The Diameter Interworking System is compliant with:

  • 3GPP IWF for Diameter-MAP: TS 29.305
  • GSMA IWF S6a/S6d to Gr: IR-88

Platform Features

  • Low profile carrier-grade platform
  • HP Proliant™ DL360p Gen 8
  • Fully redundant with no single point of failure
  • Worldwide on-site support

Key Features

  • Based on widely deployed protocol stacks
  • CAMEL to Diameter for legacy pre-paid system compatibility
  • Compatible with all vendor’s Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSCs)
  • Optional Application Selector Function (ASF) for easy integration of 3rd party applications
  • Can be deployed in Active-Standby configuration
  • Mediation features
  • Easily virtualized 

Download Diameter Interworking System