Diameter Edge Agent

Diameter Edge Appliance™ – Diametriq’s Diameter Edge Agent

IPX Connectivity for LTE Roaming

Larger Mobile Network Operators that have multiple instances of EPC network elements will need a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) to efficiently route signaling traffic and perform load balancing, relay, proxy and redirect functions. For LTE roaming, a Diameter Edge Agent can be added for connection to an IPX or directly to another Wireless Network Operator.

 Diameter Edge Agent


Many Mobile Network Operators do not have multiple instances of EPC elements and do not require a Diameter Routing Agent. However for LTE roaming, EPC network elements in a Mobile Operator’s network will need to connect to the corresponding network elements in a partner Mobile Operator’s network, through a Hosted DRA/DEA service of an IPX provider, or or a combination of the two. This will require multiple secure IP connections .

If the Mobile Network Operator connects to more than one IPX or if it connect directly to other operators, these connections will have to be duplicated for each one. If the Mobile Network Operator has an on-site Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), only one connection is required for each IPX or direct connection to other operators (local breakout). The DEA also provides topology hiding to protect the network elements and addresses from being exposed to foreign networks.

Diameter Edge Agent

Diametriq offers an appropriately scaled subset of its Diameter Solution Suite™  which is well suited to this application.  The Diameter Edge Appliance™ is a cost-effective yet highly reliable carrier-grade Diameter Edge Agent with unique features that differentiate it from the competition.

 Key Features

  • Concentrates multiple Diameter connections
  • Enables connections to multiple IPX’s as well as local breakout
  • Interworks with 3G apps and elements
  • Enables monetization of roamer data
  • Flexible, software-based solution
  • Cost-effective business models

 Key Functions

  • Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) compliant with GSMA IR.88 – “LTE Roaming Guidelines 3.0”
  • Topology Hiding: Protects the  network elements/addresses from being exposed to foreign networks
  • Provides security at the edge of a PLMN, e.g. DoS, DDoS, NAT with topology hiding and IPsec and TLS for protocols

Platform Features

  • Low profile carrier-grade platform
  • HP Proliant™ DL360p Gen 8
  • Fully redundant with no single point of failure
  • Worldwide onsite support

Unique Features

  • The Diameter Edge Appliance™ provides an API which allows access to the roamer data which enables easy “monetization” of the data.
  • Remotely manageable with diagnostics and maintenance to run as a “managed service”
  • Includes all the basic routing/load balancing functions of a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)
  • Provides legacy interworking support and seamless Diameter variant interoperability
  • Visible mapping of roamer locations
  • Data request usage reports for roamers (local break out scenarios)
  • Innovative pricing models.