Diametriq, an innovator in Diameter signaling control technologies, offers an application enabled Diameter Solution Suite™ that addresses traffic management, interoperability and service migration issues. The Diameter Solution Suite™ includes a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), a Diameter Load Balancer (DLB) and a Diameter Interworking System. It also includes platforms for building high-availability applications using Diameter and SS7 protocols and interfaces. Diametriq’s Diameter Signaling Controller technology is deployed by more than 100 mobile network operators around the world.

The Diameter Routing Engine™ is a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) combined with a Diameter Load Balancer (DLB) that offers traffic management and load balancing functions that can be configured to an operator’s specific network requirements.

The Diametriq Diameter Edge Appliance™ is a cost-effective Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) that enables LTE network operators to concentrate their roaming signaling traffic on an edge device without requiring a fully functional and expensive Diameter Signaling Controller.

The Diameter Interworking System™ serving as a Diameter Interworking Function (IWF) provides an interworking capability for Diameter and SS7 that may be dynamically customized using script or plug-ins.

Diametriq’s Accelero™ Diameter Application Platform  has been deployed since 2006. It has achieved the highest levels of performance and reliability and is used by leading network operators around the globe. All Diameter interfaces and applications are supported in pure C++ and Java.  The platform includes the Accelero™ suite of SS7 protocols which includes SIGTRAN, MAP and CAMEL.