Diameter Interworking Function for LTE Roaming

Realization of Interworking in LTE Roaming Using a Diameter Interworking Function

While operators around the world are onboarding or planning to onboard the LTE-based Evolved Packet System (EPS), some troubling questions linger on. The prospects of LTE are enticing. However, would the LTE and Legacy networks interwork and co-exist? Would inbound/outbound roamers face any service disruption? For a green-field operator, possibly with a tight budget, is adopting LTE a risky proposition when over ninety percent of the world’s network is still based on Legacy Signaling System No. 7 (SS7)?  

In-depth Information Regarding Diameter Interworking Function

This paper published by River Publishers’ “Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility” describes the important interworking issues between Diameter and TCAP (SS7)-based protocols and some of the practical aspects that transcend information that is disseminated through the standards bodies.

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