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Melbourne, FL – February 22, 2013 – Diametriq, a leader in addressing LTE signaling network issues, announced a suite of products and tools to enable LTE roaming. The primary product in this suite is the Diametriq Edge Appliance™, a cost-effective network element that enables LTE network operators to concentrate their roaming signaling traffic on an edge device without requiring a fully functional and expensive Diameter Signaling Controller. The new product includes a feature termed Diameter Roaming Visibility™. This offers operators a view of their roaming subscribers and their behavior. It includes map-based graphics that show the number of roamers and where they are located, data usage and duration of data sessions.

“One of the key challenges for IPX providers is connecting to mobile operators that do not have a Diameter message concentrator at the edge” said Anjan Ghosal, president and CEO of Diametriq. “Often this requires up to seven connections between the MO and the IPX network which is impossible to manage. The Diametriq Edge Appliance™ solves this problem.”

In support of this new offering, Diametriq also announced that it has added LTE roaming scenarios to its web-based interactive model, the Diameter Traffic Calculator™. The model automatically calculates the Diameter signaling loads based on a variety of input variables and generates reports that include numerical and graphical presentations of signaling load by network element. By adding roaming scenarios to the model, an operator can now project the impact this will have on signaling levels at critical points in their network. The number of roaming subscribers is entered as a percentage of total subscribers. The calculator can be accessed from Diametriq’s website at http://www.diametriq.com/lte-signaling-traffic-mode/.

“Diametriq launched the LTE Diameter Traffic Calculator™ last September” added Mr. Ghosal. “Since then the tool has been widely used and accepted by the industry. With operators around the world rapidly upgrading to LTE, we have expanded the functionality of the tool to address roaming.”

Also in support of the Diametriq Edge Appliance™, the company announced the availability of the Diametriq Roaming Simulator™. The Roaming Simulator is a suite of network element simulators that allows IPX providers to test various real life roaming scenarios as well as interoperability before going live. The service is hosted in Diametriq’s lab and can be accessed remotely by operators and IPX services.

Diametriq’s flagship product is its Diameter Routing Engine™ (DRE) which provides load balancing, roaming, service brokering and interworking that can be customized to an operator’s specific requirements. The platform is flexible to meet the demands of today’s wireless operators that must manage the surge in signaling traffic brought about by the dramatic growth in smart phone, tablet and other wireless devices.

Diametriq will be exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 25-28, in Hall 5 Booth 5G63. They will be offering demonstrations of the Diametriq Edge Appliance™, featuring Diameter Roaming Visibility™ and the enhanced Diameter Traffic Calculator™.

About Diametriq:
Diametriq, offering LTE control signaling solutions to meet the needs of LTE network operators, was built on the assets of IntelliNet Technologies, a wireless solutions company founded in 1992. The company’s application enabled Diameter Routing Engine™ (DRE) addresses traffic management, interoperability and service migration issues. The DRE includes a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), a Subscription Locator Function (SLF) and a Diameter Interworking Function (IWF). For more information, visit www.diametriq.com.

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