Diametriq’s Diameter Signaling Platform Adopted by Leading Equipment Provider for Advanced LTE Communications

Robust Diameter Essential for Reliable Communications Platform – Diameter Protocol is Becoming Signaling Standard for the Industry 

Melbourne, FL – June 19, 2012 – Diametriq, an innovator in Diameter signaling control technologies, announced today that a major LTE equipment provider has expanded the use of the Diametriq Diameter platform for its 4G communications solutions. Diameter is a control layer protocol that is rapidly replacing SS7 used in older technologies and has become the de facto signaling standard between gateways, billing systems, subscriber databases and policy controllers.

“We are pleased to supply this major firm with our highly reliable, high performance Diameter platform,” said Anjan Ghosal, president and CEO of Diametriq. “Our platform can handle large amounts of signaling traffic, and is an integral component for their busy network and continued success in the marketplace.”

Diametriq, an innovator in Diameter signaling control technologies, was launched in 2012 to focus on “Smart Signaling” solutions and meeting the ever increasing signaling traffic demands of 4G/LTE networks. The company was derived from key assets including executive leadership, engineering, and technologies from IntelliNet Technologies, a wireless solutions company founded in 1992. IntelliNet was one of the first companies to deploy the Diameter protocol stack in 2006 and hosted the last Diameter interoperability event. Diametriq is built on IntelliNet’s Diameter technology and accomplishments, and boasts a high performance Diameter application platform that is already widely deployed by leading network operators around the globe.

Another core offering for Diametriq is its Diameter Routing Engine™ (DRE) which provides load balancing, roaming and interworking that can be customized to an operator’s specific requirements. The DRE functions as an application on the Diametriq Diameter platform which can be easily extended to other applications such as roamer steering or analytics. Key features of the DRE include the detection and management of congestion, advanced security features, and dynamic scalability where server instances can be added without interruption in service. The platform is flexible to meet the demands of today’s wireless operators that must manage the surge in signaling traffic brought about by the dramatic growth in smart phone, tablet and other wireless devices.

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