The Service-Enabling Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC)

A Diameter Signaling Controller or DSC is deployed in the 4G Evolved Packet Core (EPC) to perform signaling traffic management, roaming control, vendor interoperability and legacy interworking. Another major headache for operators will be enabling their 2G/3G services for LTE. There are two approaches to this, either integrate legacy SS7-based services using Diameter-SS7 interworking or migrate the services to LTE by “Diameter-enabling” them. With the introduction of the DSC as the carrier-grade network element for Diameter in 4G, this provides the ideal point in the network that allows services to be integrated, either hosted or remote and SS7-based or Diameter-based.  In addition to migrating 2G/3G services there is a new breed of service that can benefit by being hosted on the DSC that mines the wealth of information passing through the DSC. The DSC is a unique point in the 4G network to offer value-added services, both the migration of 2G/3G services and the addition of new services using policy, charging subscriber and location information.

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