Unlocking New Value in the Diameter Signaling Path

Diametriq is putting intelligence back into the signaling network

Doug Hilmes, VP of Business Development and Product Management, examines the Diameter signaling path and highlights examples of engineering innovation coming from Diametriq’s Diameter NextGen Applications Group. [Length 13:57] With the evolution of LTE networks and the resolution of early-phase ‘signaling storms’, Diametriq has focused its engineering innovation on the opportunities within the signaling control plane. The information that flows in the control plane contains the most valuable and strategic information in the network. This information includes:

Authentication information – handset info, location, radio access type…

Policy information – QoS Class, Charging Methodology…

Charging and Billing – Usage information, balance…

The Diameter signaling control plane “sees” what services are being utilized and how “active” those services are. The signaling control place provides a complete set of information to make the smartest decisions at any specific moment. By leveraging the control plane, Mobile Network Operators can gain real-time access to the rich signaling information and deploy advanced applications to enhance the subscriber experience. Examples include:

• Network Analytics and Mobile Business Intelligence

• Location based services • Detecting Network Fraud

• Silent Roamer Detection • Local Break Out

• Roamer Steering

• Sponsored Roaming …and more

All of the Diameter Signaling messages pass through the Diameter Signaling Controllers at the heart of the network. To access and make the most of this information, Mobile Network Operators should deploy a Diameter Signaling Controller with Intelligence – one with IQ. This presentation explores the Diameter signaling control plane, the rich set of information available and how Mobile Network Operators can access the control plane to deploy enhanced signaling applications.

View the full video presentation above to learn in detail about all these opportunities.

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