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Telecom Personal Deploys Diametriq’s Diameter Routing Engine™  to Enable Seamless Integration of its Online Billing System and Core Network Diametriq Provides Diameter Signaling Control for Personal’s LTE Network Melbourne, FL – February 10, 2015 – Leading Paraguayan mobile operator Personal has deployed telecom solutions supplier Diametriq’s Diameter Routing Engine™ to integrate its online billing system […]

Diametriq is putting intelligence back into the signaling network Doug Hilmes, VP of Business Development and Product Management, examines the Diameter signaling path and highlights examples of engineering innovation coming from Diametriq’s Diameter NextGen Applications Group. [Length 13:57] With the evolution of LTE networks and the resolution of early-phase ‘signaling storms’, Diametriq has focused its […]

Diametriq’s Diameter Solution Suite™ includes a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), a Diameter Load Balancer (DLB) and a Diameter Interworking System (IWF). The Diameter Routing Engine™ (DRE) is a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) combined with a Diameter Load Balancer (DLB) that offers traffic management and load balancing functions that can be configured […]

Melbourne FL, September 16, 2013 – Diametriq, a leading LTE signaling solutions provider, today announced a collaboration with Syniverse, a global interoperability solutions provider, and a hosted LTE core network provider to demonstrate the power of LTE roaming with a live demonstration at Booth 45 at the LTE Asia 2013 Conference and Exhibition in Singapore.  The […]

These are the slides presented by Arnab Dey, Technical Lead for Diametriq, to the GSMA North America meeting  held on May 14, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana about the role of Diameter in LTE roaming and interoperability.

The Diameter Edge Appliance™ is a cost-effective yet highly reliable carrier-grade Diameter Edge Agent with unique features that differentiate it from the competition. The product is ideal for Wireless Network Operators who do not need an expensive Diameter Signaling Controller, yet need to connect to an IPX or other operators for LTE roaming.

Melbourne, FL – February 22, 2013 – Diametriq, a leader in addressing LTE signaling network issues, announced a suite of products and tools to enable LTE roaming. The primary product in this suite is the Diametriq Edge Appliance™, a cost-effective network element that enables LTE network operators to concentrate their roaming signaling traffic on an edge […]

The arrival of 4G/LTE has opened up new opportunities for MVNO’s to offer distinguishing data plans and services. However, before that is possible, MVNO’s and MVNE’s have to get familiar with a completely new network architecture, a host of new network elements and a fundamentally new communication protocol called Diameter. Diameter impacts all interfaces like […]

Wireless operators around the world are upgrading their networks to LTE. This means not just the addition of new network elements like the P-Gateway and the S-Gateway, but also a fundamental change to the underlying signaling from SS7 to Diameter. Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) – who typically have their own billing system and policy […]

Web-based Traffic Model Calculates LTE Diameter Signaling Load Melbourne, FL – September 17, 2012 – Diametriq, a leader in addressing LTE signaling network issues, announced today the first web-based interactive tool that automatically calculates the Diameter signaling load based on a variety of input variables such as the number of LTE devices and how subscribers […]

A Diameter Signaling Controller or DSC is deployed in the 4G Evolved Packet Core (EPC) to perform signaling traffic management, roaming control, vendor interoperability and legacy interworking. Another major headache for operators will be enabling their 2G/3G services for LTE. There are two approaches to this, either integrate legacy SS7-based services using Diameter-SS7 interworking or […]

Company One of Ten Selected from More than 80 Applicants Melbourne, FL – June 26, 2012 – Diametriq, a leader in solving LTE signaling network problems,  announced today that it has been selected by the Technological Research and Development Authority (TRDA) and Space Florida to be a presenter at the Igniting Innovation (I2) Showcase to […]

By Tammy Parker – Diametriq, the newest player trying to make a name for itself in Diameter signaling control for LTE networks, is targeting smaller operators that need a more flexible platform. Control signaling for LTE networks is built around the Diameter protocol, which is replacing the SS7 protocol found in older networks, and is […]

Diameter Routing Engine™: Diametiq’s Diameter Routing Agent While data traffic continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the emergence of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks is causing a fundamental shift in the core network from SS7-based signaling to Diameter signaling. This has given rise to a new class of products referred to as Diameter Signaling […]